Matlab for Economics

Linearity is the main assumption used in all fields of science. It gives a first order approximation to any problem under study and widely used in economics and other social sciences.

Many of the applications of linear algebra such as matrices, determinants, systems of equations and the eigenvalue problem can all be easily handled using MATLAB (MATrix LABoratory)

1. Getting Started with Matlab documentation:

2. A Matlab Primer

3. Another Matlab Primer

4. An Introduction to Matlab for Econometrics, John C. Frain, Trinity Collge                     An Introduction to Matlab for Econometrics

5. Matlab Introductory Course, Tatjana Dahlhaus, Barcelona GSE                 Lecture_Slides

6. Linear Algebra and Introduction to MATLAB, Sabine Eschenhof,                   LinearAlgebra and Intro to MATLAB

MATLAB Debugging Tutorial